Dusty Trail Yukon – Farmgate Sales

  • Farmgate sales of Yukon raised pork and poultry

Chicken available June, July, August

Turkey available September/October

Pork sold by the side available September/October


Preserves – jams, jellies, pickles

Yukon raised turkeys - average 13 - 20 lbs
Yukon raised turkeys – average 13 – 20 lbs

Dusty Trail Yukon is a small farm located outside the city of Whitehorse, Yukon.  Our long summer days are perfect for raising animals and growing gardens.  We started by raising a couple pigs, 10 turkeys and 25 chickens.  Each year we have added more animals and increased the garden and greenhouse space.  Our second year we began selling our pork and poultry.  Our animals have unlimited access to the fresh Yukon air.  They seem to thrive in this environment.

If you wish to be added to our growing list of customers please contact us by email or phone.